Monday, April 13, 2009

Sample of Blood against will of the accused

Goutam Kundu vs. State of West Bengal, (1993) 3 SCC 418 where their Lordships of the Supreme Court held that no person can be compelled to give sample of blood for analysis against his or her will and no adverse inference can be drawn for such refusal. At paragraph 26 of the judgment their Lordships held as follows:-"From the above discussion it emerges
(1) that courts in India cannot order blood test as a matter of course;
(2) wherever applications are made for such prayers in order to have roving inquiry, the prayer for blood test cannot be entertained.
(3) There must be a strong prima facie case in that the husband must establish non-access in order to dispel the presumption arising under Section 112 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.
(4) The court must carefully examine as to what would be the consequence of ordering the blood test; whether it will have the effect of branding a child as a bastard and the mother as an unchaste woman.
(5) No one can be compelled to give sample of blood for analysis."

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